Kivent today

Success through motivation

Due to a dynamic and well-operating team Kivent became what it is today – a successful company in its branch.

A special thanks goes to our customers for the many successful and varied events. Without these unique experiences, we would not be the Kivent we are today.


The first milestone

26. August 2008

Due to different requests for foosball-events the idea was born in the imagination of Johannes Kirsch – double German champion in foosball, Vice-European champion and founder of Kivent. Kivent became a part-time company for now.

Moving to Berlin

26. August 2009

By moving to Berlin and through the partnership with Lilly Andres the Kivent Ltd. was founded in July 2009. The big interest in Lilly generated much attention on Kivent and the first events were hosted and steady customers could be won.

Expansion with an event-location

13. January 2011

In 2011 Johannes and Lilly opened the Longshot – the foosball, poker and event location in Berlin-Friedrichshain. Besides company events and sport events the guests could use 8 foosball-tables, 4 poker tables, 3 video-screens and TV’s for sport and entertainment. A location for our own events.

Kivent in the Focus

26. August 2013

In April 2013 the 2-5-3 Business-Kick started the first tournament only for companies (all Information on Later in 2013 Johannes Kirsch focused his attention completely on Kivent and the company became more professional and organized.

As GmbH in Hamburg too

26. August 2015

Kivent became a GmbH and expanded to Hamburg to open a second storehouse. Besides the own contact person for Hamburg, the Business-Kick took place in Hamburg too. Information on