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World champions as well as Bundesliga-players – We’ve got them all!

Let them be the eyecatcher at your exhibition stand or sales presentation, the highlight at your company event or store opening. With our champions your event be will highlighted!


Lilly Andres


Her exceptional talent and glowing personality make her a real crowd-puller. Lilly is a multiple world champion and the face of foosball. She is the only woman who lives for her passion and earns a living with it. Challenge the world champion for a little match and get tricks and advice from a real pro!

Nickname Longshot Lilly
Year of construction 1983
Profession Professional Foosbaal-Player
System/Favorite shot Longshot/ Right-Left
Used to... 10 Years Fieldhockey
What makes me happy Freedom and togetherness
Idols Silvio Heinevetter
Motto I am one of those that don’t want when they should,
don’t want like they have to, cause they must the way they want!


Hannes is the man, if you need attention at your exhibition stand, for your new product or at your event. In a taking manner he inspires and entertains with his creative playing and the special feeling for the ball. He catches attention with a tricky and fast Play.

Nickname Hännäs
Year of construction 1982
Profession Eventmanager
System/Favorite Shot Multivariant nudge and fast
Used to... Mechatronic & 11 years handball
Must have Pancakes with apple sauce and Nutella
What nobody knows about me I can dance my name
Likes To have a tasty breakfast

Johannes Kirsch

Josefine Heber


With her delighting and lovely character is she the perfect companion, but if you meet her at the table you will be surprised. Josefine’s hard and precise shots let everyone shiver, but with her warmhearted nature she makes your event shine.

Nickname Josi
Year of construction 1987
Profession Teacher
System/Favorite shot Impulsive and intuitive with bandshots from the defense
By nature Hoggish, satisfied and spontaneous
Can't resist Chocolate, Pasta, Pizza and Cookies!
What makes me happy Reach goals on my own
Likes Cosy evenings at home

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Maura PorrmannEuropean champion

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Maria PaderVice-World champion

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Pia MerbachWorld champion

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Katja DwengerWorld champion


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